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Golf Yankee Six - Got Your Back

Golf Yankee Six is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness of Veteran’s mental health and finding help for Veterans struggling with depression, PTSD, and suicide. GYS was created to encourage, educate, and invest directly into mental health services for our Veterans.

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3rd Largest Population

Florida is the third largest population in the nation after California and Texas with roughly 1.5 million Veterans.

6th largest Active Duty military population

69,000 active duty military personally reside in Florida, the 6th largest population in the nation.

Veteran most common concerns

The three most common mental health concerns for Veterans are Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Veterans more susceptible to mental health concerns

The rate of major depression among Veterans is 5x as high as civilians, while the rate of PTSD is nearly 15x higher.

The GYS Roadmap

GYS is here to serve our service members by supporting them, their families, and friends with tools and resources to assist in transitioning our heroes home.


Through Golf Yankee Six, Veterans qualify for six (6) free mental health sessions, when available.

Families and Friends

Our greatest allies in successfully helping truly make our heroes feel at home again. We provide tools and resources in order to help you navigate the process of supporting a Veteran in need.

Community and Advocacy

Golf Yankee Six wants to mobilize community members to participate in helping Veterans address their war within when they come back home. We want Veterans to see the size of our team when they look around the room and see Golf Yankee Six shirts. We want them to see shirts in the grocery store, at their local breweries, and where they receive mental health services. By purchasing our shirts, you can help us invest directly into the mental health services our Veterans deserve.